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Filemaker Pro software offers non-profit organizations a perfect complement of features and power. Gnurps Consulting has used Filemaker to build solutions for non-profits such as the Colorado Association of School Boards, the Colorado Trail Foundation, the International Mountain Bicycling Association, and a host of small non-profits.

We can integrate features from our various solutions to meet your precise needs. Typical features for non-profits include:

  • Contact management
  • Membership, donations, and grants management
  • Fundraising
  • Constituent Communications
  • Events management
  • Calendars for staff and constituents
  • Volunteers management
  • Special funds tracking
  • Projects and To-Do's tracking
  • Accounting

Non-profits have spent tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy programs that include those features and more, but are very difficult to customize. With Filemaker, a non-profit can have a system that precisely meets their needs at much lower cost, with a smooth curve to build staff skills and gradual features enhancements.


Gnurps Consulting has in the past helped non-profits achieve their goals using two templates built in Filemaker Pro. The "eBase" system created in the late 1990s offered many non-profits the opportunity to have significant database power with a package that was free. But this system was written in version 6 of Filemaker and the developers did not upgrade it beyond that version. We cannot recommend eBase at this time.

Update: In November, 2008, the eBase team announced a project to upgrade eBase to the current version of Filemaker. When the project is completed, this will offer an excellent, inexpensive solution for nonprofits. See: http://www.ebase.org/.

Filemaker, Inc. developed a sophisticated nonprofit solution simply called "Donations," built for version 7. It sold for just $130. Today, that template is not commercially available but members of the Filemaker Business Alliance can obtain it for free. We have built powerful solutions using Donations. Donations does not use some important features of newer versions of Filemaker, especially variables, which were introduced in Filemaker 8. Filemaker Donations also seems unnecessarily complex, but it does have excellent documentation for both users and programmers.

In July, 2008, Cleveland Consulting released "CC NonProfit." This program is built with modern Filemaker techniques. It has limited features, but performs well for what it does.

Starting afresh today, we would recommend either of two general templates: The Core2CRM from Productive Computing, Inc. or the Pro Calendar Complete from SeedCode. At $499 and $359, respectively, these solutions use the latest Filemaker technology and they are completely unlocked, providing an excellent foundation for your organization's database solution.

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