A birthday walk in the rain

I try to do an exciting outdoor adventure on my birthday. A favorite when I lived in Crested Butte was “Deer Creek Backwards”, a mountain biking journey through a spectacular landscape on terrain along the east side of the East River, across from the Mt. Crested Butte ski area. I also try not to get into an automobile on my birthday.

This year I made plans for a campout and horseback ride in Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather did not cooperate — lightning. So I planned to do a long hike on Boulder’s Mesa Trail. The weather did not cooperate — heavy rain. So I took my time in the morning and bundled up in rain gear. Put my Canon 5D Mark IV into a waterproof case and rode my bike to the “Red Rocks” area of the open space, across Mapleton from Sanitas. With an umbrella and the weather sealing of the pro camera and pro lens, I was able to make some decent images.

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