Gary Lowell Sprung, A.K.A. “Gnurps”

  • Married to the wonderful Carolyn Hales.
  • One sibling, Cindy, with large extended family in the Chicago area.
  • Born in Chicago and raised in the northern suburb of Highland Park, Illinois.
  • College: Brown University; B.A. in Art, 1976.
  • Additional formal schooling: University of Colorado Extension, 2001 – 2003; certificates in web development and programming.
  • First job: Railroad crossing guard at Ravinia Festival.
  • Most illustrious work: I washed dishes at five restaurants in Crested Butte. The owners of Donita’s Cantina finally told me I was “overqualified”.
  • Freelance photographer since my teens; made my first photo sale at age 17.
  • Computer consultant since 1988. I started when the newspaper I worked at purchased five Mac Plus computers and the new Laserwriter and PageMaker software, so I was in at the beginning of “Desktop Publishing”. Graduated to database and web work in the early ’90s.