Eric Ross Memorial

Photos by Gnurps July 22, 2023 I felt honored to photograph these fine Crested Beauties who came together to honor the brilliant and fun Eric Ross. Most photos have captions with the names of the people. I’m missing some names. Those captions have an ____ underscore. Please help with names by typing a comment. Thanks.

Pat Dawson Life Celebration

Cover of the program of the Pat Dawson memorial event, with photo of Pat.

I was honored to photograph the great Crested Butte people who came together to celebrate the life of Pat Dawson on June 22, 2023. Here are 103 photos from the event. Comments welcome via the comment form below. These were all photographed with uncontrolled, available light, so please forgive any deficiencies. I used high ISO … Read more

A birthday walk in the rain

I try to do an exciting outdoor adventure on my birthday. A favorite when I lived in Crested Butte was “Deer Creek Backwards”, a mountain biking journey through a spectacular landscape on terrain along the east side of the East River, across from the Mt. Crested Butte ski area. I also try not to get … Read more

Nobel Prize in Economics

A Guy From My Class Won the Nobel Prize Douglas W. Diamond was in my Brown University class of 1975. On Oct. 10, 2022, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that he is one of three recipients of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. I didn’t know him, had nothing to do with him, … Read more