Make your business run better with FileMaker

Database and web… Foundations of our internet economy and society. I started with that in the early 1990s.

I have been building FileMaker databases — called “apps” these days — since 1992. I have earned FileMaker certification seven times. I have served a variety of small businesses and divisions of larger businesses.

FileMaker is a great tool to run your business. It’s been around since the late 1980s and continues to evolve. The company that makes FileMaker, Claris, is a subsidiary of Apple, so you know this tool is solid, modern, and capable.

Gary has passed the difficult FileMaker certification test seven times.

I also have built, or managed the building of websites. My most modern is that of the Colorado Trail Foundation, which is built in WordPress, like this site. Among my inactive sites, I coded a PHP/FileMaker-based ecommerce site for Backcountry Access that brought in millions of dollars in sales. My PHP/FileMaker site for the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education helped thousands of people to learn safety in avalanche-prone winter wildlands.

My first web job came when the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America asked me to coordinate between web developers and four nonprofit organizations. ORCA was paying to help those orgs get online. I didn’t yet know web programming, but I knew how to help people communicate. The project successfully created four new sites.

Today it’s not that different. I am not a hot-shot web coder or scintillating designer. Rather, I’m a guy with broad, long experience who can offer good perspectives and help people think about what they want or need. And I do know some PHP and JavaScript, and I have a decent sense of design.

With FileMaker, I can claim real coding expertise. Hire me to manage your web project or build your FileMaker database!

Gary, as Gnurps Consulting, is an authorized FileMaker reseller with Boulder business and Colorado sales tax licenses.
A layout in my CRM* app made with FileMaker. In the Contacts detail layout, you can record tons of information about the people and organizations you know. Click on Groups to link Contacts together. Go to CommNotes to communicate and make notes about people and projects. Projects is a basic project management system that can grow however you wish. Estimates and Invoices thoroughly cover sales and can link to QuickBooks and other systems. Products lists your goods and/or services and can grow into full inventory control. I used the Work module to track my every minute of consulting, writing, and photography and convert that into receivable invoices.
* (CRM stands for Customer Relationships Management, a well known category of database applications that runs many businesses.)
Front page of the Colorado Trail Foundation website