Gary’s Writing for Crested Butte Newspapers

Little Crested Butte in the late ’70s and early ’80s had a population of around 1500 people and had two newspapers, the CB Chronicle and the CB Pilot. They later merged into the Chronicle and Pilot. There even was a short-lived competitor for the separate town of Mt. Crested Butte, called the Mountain Sun. I wrote and photographed for all of them. Also did a stint managing circulation. And I learned page layout the old way, pasting photo-typeset sheets onto big papers. Then I managed our transition to Apple Mac “desktop publishing”, which started by tech career.

Here are some samples of my writing for the local papers.


Montana Rancher Tells Gunnison Cows and Coal Don’t Mix (Dec. 26, 1980)

District Attorney candidates debate law issues (Oct. 19, 1984)

Recreation, ranching collide: Lower Loop, Smith Hill, Bench closed to public (June 21, 1985)

Watershed Issue Chronology (March 15, 1985)

The controversial Meredith Kelley: victim or actress? (April 12, 1985)

Closure of lands to recreationists questioned (July 5, 1985)

Review: The Crested Butte melting Pot: A cookbook that’s a culinary and social introduction (Jan. 2, 1987)

Amax ends seven-year quest for Water rights (May 15, 1987)

Rodale Press buys Mountain Bike magazine