Gary Sprung / Gnurps — Photographer, Writer, Activist, Developer

Welcome to, the website for Gary Sprung. “Gnurps” is my nickname, discovered when I was 16-years-old. G-N-U-R-P-S / S-P-R-U-N-G.

This site displays my work and accomplishments, past and present. I’m still photographing, writing and about public policy issues, and developing FileMaker databases and web sites.


Please check out my pictures in the Gnurps Galleries section.


You can learn about my advocacy for Planet Earth and for outdoor recreation under Environment.


The Journalism section displays some of my writing and photography for newspapers and magazines. I’d like to do more of that.

FileMaker and WebDev

Under FileMaker and WebDev, you’ll see that I have helped many clients with these important computer tools.

Please hire me or buy my photos!